VEGERUST® TP and VEGERUST® TP-V are ready to use solutions.
The  active  material  is  a  chelating  agent  which  converts  the  rust  present  on ferrous metals surface (iron, cast iron, steels).
The result is a conversion layer which can be over coated with a topcoat.
VEGERUST® TP contains a part of carbon of fossil origin.
VEGERUST® TP-V contains 100% of carbon of vegetal origin.

Rust converter: VEGERUST®  TP and VEGERUST®  TP-V can be applied directly on rusted substrates to convert the residual rust in an organic complex.
Rust converter primers: VEGERUST®  TP and VEGERUST®  TP-V can be used as
anticorrosive  additives  in  solvent  based  formulations  (alkyd,  epoxy,  acrylic binders).
Warning:  VEGERUST®   TP  and  VEGERUST®   TP-V  are  not  convenient  for  water
based primers. They cause the binder’s coalescence.
Use level
3 to 5 % of VEGERUST®  TP and VEGERUST®  TP-V in the solvent based primers.
(based on the total weight).

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